Representative Office

Meaning of Representative Office


Representative offices may only carry out activities relating to advertising and promotion of the foreign person. In order to establish a representative office an entry is required into the register of representative offices kept by a relevant ministry. In addition, a representative office is not a self-balancing unit. Any division of property by the entrepreneur, if effected, is of purely technical and organizational nature.

A representative office in Poland is obliged to:

  1. use the name of the foreign entrepreneur in the language of the country in which his or her registered office is located, together with a Polish translation of the name of the economic entrepreneur's legal form and the phrase "przedstawicielstwo w Polsce",
  2. keep separate books in accordance with the provisions of laws on accountancy,
  3. notify the Minister of Economy of any factual and legal changes concerning data included in the application and in the statement of the foreign entrepreneur concerning the extent to which the share capital has been financed by contributions, as well as of the commencement and termination of any proceedings conducted to wind-up the business of the foreign entrepreneur and of the forfeiture of his right to conduct business activity or possess property, no later than 14 days from the time upon which such events take place.
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