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We can guide our Customers through the world of bookkeeping, using clear and simple rules. Our Accounting Department is staffed with english and german speaking accountants who are experts in that field. Their knowledge and experience guarantee safe and diligent operations within the field of Polish and international standards of accounting. Our recommended bookkeeping services are available to Polish firms and any foreign companies operating within the territory of Poland. We offer advisory services in this scope, helping you understand the regulations, and utilize modern methods to conduct our bookkeeping. One of the advantages of accountancy outsourcing services in Warsaw, especially bookkeeping tasks are very beneficial for our Customers, due to the higher efficiency and a professional level of our service. We can provide bookkeeping services in-house, at the Customer's premises.


Scope of services provided by the Accounting Department:

  • maintenance of accounting ledgers (full bookkeeping, income and costs account, VAT registers),
  • performance of annual financial reports (consolidated and individual) according to Polish Law, HGB, US GAAP, IFRS,
  • preparation of monthly reports (balance sheet, profit and loss account) in the Polish, German or English language,
  • preparation of additional reports in line with the specifications of the Customer,
  • calculation of monthly or quarterly tax liabilities in VAT and advance payments in CIT and PIT,
  • preparation of tax declarations, and reports for the National Statistical Office (GUS), the National Bank of Poland and others,
  • accounting advisory concerning the proper documentation of economic operations,
  • representing Clients towards tax authorities during tax control,
  • preparation of fixed asset amortization plans,
  • development of company account plans tailored to the needs of the Client,
  • preparation of accounting policies,
  • preparation of the internal bookkeeping procedures,
  • bookkeeping for projects financed with EU funds,
  • assistance in the issuing of invoices and organization of payments,
  • internet connection to the bookkeeping system for Clients.

Contact person 

 BPG Audyt | Warsaw

Pawel Brejzek , Certified Auditor in Poland,  Member of Management Board BPG Audit Warsaw,

Paweł C. Brejżek

Member of Management Board



BPG Consulting | Wroclaw

Izabela Bednarz

Member of Management Board

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