Transaction advisory in Poland

The global market opens up many opportunities but also presents entrepreneurs with many difficult challenges. A key role in the transforming economic reality is the skilful making of informed strategic decisions regarding transaction and capital management. In other words, in transaction advisory, we advise on how to hedge, optimize, invest and multiply your capital to achieve the set strategic goals. Following discussions with the client our team is able to help from the very beginning. After analysing the client's needs, we are able to start searching for business partners as well as, potentially, enterprises for acquisition or sale purposes. In addition, we support our clients in the process of making the right decisions by explaining the financial, operational, market and tax specifics in the local economic system in cooperation with our partners from the KRESTON International network, which reduces costs and client workload and also helps limit any risks to a minimum.

Scope of transaction advisory services: 

  • a comprehensive analysis of enterprises, so-called due diligence, includes:
    •  assessment of the history and the current status of the enterprise from the legal perspective
    •  analysis of the enterprise based on financial data shown in the reports
    •  in-depth analysis of the enterprise in terms of tax and assessment of tax risks
    •  identification and evaluation of organizational structures and their effectiveness
    •  Analysis of the enterprise in terms of production potential and its efficiency
  • identification of business partners
  • advising on the purchase and sale of enterprises in all transactional stages
  • preparing for negotiations
  • co-ordination and preparation of transaction documentation
  • business valuations

Contact person

 BPG Audyt | Warsaw

C. Paweł Brejżek

Certified Auditor, Tax Advisor,
Member of Management Board


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