Joint Stock Company

Meaning of Joint Stock Company


A joint stock company in Poland (S.A.) differs from a limited liability company (apart from the required minimum of share capital and some other features) in that there is a possibility of using bearer shares. This company may be formed by one or more persons. A sole-shareholder limited liability company is not allowed to form a joint-stock company formation as the single promoter. The statute of a join-stock company shall be executed in the form of a notarial deed. The minimum capital is PLN 100 000 and is divided into equal nominal shares of at least PLN 0,1. In a join-stock company a supervisory board is obligatory and supervises the activity of the company on an on-going basis. The supervisory board is composed of at least three members appointed by the General Meeting. A member of the current management board, the company's liquidator or some of the company's senior employees (e.g. chief accountant, legal counsel, etc.) may not be members of either of the company's supervisory bodies. The General Meeting (in a join-stock company) or the Meeting of Shareholders (in a limited liability company) is a decision-making body in matters of major significance to the company. Its meeting may be ordinary or extraordinary. An ordinary meeting should take place once a year. It should be held during the first six months of the financial year. 

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