Characteristics of the financial statments

29.11.2017 Characteristics of the financial statments

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the Accounting Act define the characteristics that financial statements should have. Below are the most important ones.

Work visa in Poland

22.11.2017 Work visa in Poland

A foreign national who wants to work legally in Poland is obliged to obtain a work visa. What is it, how does it work and what rights does it give? We explain everything below.

Employment certificates after changes

15.11.2017 Employment certificates after changes

On January 1 and June 1 2017, new regulations were introduced dealing with the issue of employment certificates issued to employees by employers after termination of employment. In this article we describe what has changed in this regard.

Employment of foreigners in Poland

08.11.2017 Employment of foreigners in Poland

When Polish companies find it hard to fill their vacancies on the local market, they increasingly look towards foreign nationals to fill the void, mainly from the East. Employment of a citizen from a non-EU country requires the fulfilment of certain conditions.

The minimum wage in Poland in 2018

18.10.2017 The minimum wage in Poland in 2018

2000 zl. gross - this is the minimum wage in 2017. It will be changed in 2018 in line with the Ordinance of the Council of Ministers. How much will it be changed to? What costs should entrepreneurs expect to incur? What increases will the lowest earners get? We took a look at these issues.

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