fuel costs for a company

23.08.2018 fuel costs for a company

A company car is an indispensable tool in many industries but how to settle fuel costs for a company car in Poland?

Selecting an auditor

08.08.2018 Selecting an auditor

For some companies, this is a statutory obligation, and the selection of a statutory auditor should be made before the inventory period begins. Who is responsible for choosing an auditor? When should this choice be made?

Canceling an employee's leave in Poland

01.08.2018 Canceling an employee's leave in Poland

How is the cancellation of an employee's leave regulated and will the boss refund the costs of unused holiday leave?

the split payment system

26.07.2018 the split payment system

A split payment is a complete novelty in the Polish tax system, and aims to reduce fraud and tax fraud already at the transaction stage. Exactly how does this mechanism work?

Preparation of financial statements

18.07.2018 Preparation of financial statements

The global economy and globalization has made it necessary to unify accounting principles and the rules relating to the preparation of financial statements. Check how to prepare financial statments according to IFRS.

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