Bad debt relief in 2020

14.02.2020 Bad debt relief in 2020

Creditors will now have the option to reduce their income or increase any loss by the value of outstanding claims, but this will not be obligatory for them. Debtors, on the other hand, will be obliged to increase the tax base or reduce the loss by the amount of any unpaid debts that were previously included in tax deductible expenses.


13.09.2019 Discrimination and equal treatment in Poland in the work place

The Act of 16th May 2019 amending the Labor Code Act and certain other legal acts, amends the provisions covering, among other things, discrimination in the workplace, mobbing or the issuing of employment certificates. The Act entered into force on 7th September, 2019 and will contain an open list of reasons for discrimination in the workplace.

PIT 0 in Poland for young people up to 26 years old

03.09.2019 PIT 0 in Poland for young people up to 26 years old

PIT 0 is intended for young employees that are employed on the basis of employment and mandate contracts, who are under 26 years of age and have an annual income of not more than PLN 85,528.

artificial intelligence in accounting software

22.08.2019 artificial intelligence in accounting software

Advanced technologies have dominated many industries, and their continuous development allows for the automation of an increasing number of business processes. Artificial intelligence is also used in the accounting services industry, where modern accounting programs, supported by AI technologies, have made it possible to free-up employees by performing many routine and repetitive tasks for them.

withholding tax in Poland

05.08.2019 withholding tax in Poland

For many years the obligation to collect withholding tax has been the subject of heated discussions, both among the tax authorities and taxpayers alike. What exactly do they concern?

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