withholding tax in Poland

05.08.2019 withholding tax in Poland

For many years the obligation to collect withholding tax has been the subject of heated discussions, both among the tax authorities and taxpayers alike. What exactly do they concern?

Termination of a fixed-term contract in Poland

19.07.2019 Termination of a fixed-term contract in Poland

In the near future, the Senate is expected to consider a proposal to introduce an amendment to the Labor Code, that would require justification to be provided in the case of termination of fixed term employment contracts.

Valuation of receivables and revaluation write-downs

11.07.2019 Valuation of receivables and revaluation write-downs

When auditing financial statements, sometimes auditors ask for adjustments to be made to receivables. Why is this the case? What practices do auditors apply?

electronic invoices in Poland

04.07.2019 electronic invoices in Poland

From April 18th, 2019, all entities that participate in public procurement in Poland must accept electronic invoices. Who needs to issue and accept a structured invoice?

Valuation of a business

27.06.2019 Valuation of a business

What is the valuation of a business and why is it needed? There are several reasons why information obtained from the valuation of a company may be required.

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