Valuation of receivables and revaluation write-downs

11.07.2019 Valuation of receivables and revaluation write-downs

When auditing financial statements, sometimes auditors ask for adjustments to be made to receivables. Why is this the case? What practices do auditors apply?

electronic invoices in Poland

04.07.2019 electronic invoices in Poland

From April 18th, 2019, all entities that participate in public procurement in Poland must accept electronic invoices. Who needs to issue and accept a structured invoice?

Valuation of a business

27.06.2019 Valuation of a business

What is the valuation of a business and why is it needed? There are several reasons why information obtained from the valuation of a company may be required.

Importance of work-life balance

13.06.2019 Importance of work-life balance

As many as 20% of employees are considering changing their jobs due to the lack of balance between their professional and private lives. People focus strongly on career development, but at the same time they want to have time to relax and pursue their passions.

The Act implementing the GDPR

30.05.2019 The Act implementing the GDPR

From May 4, 2019, employers are required to apply the new regulations governing the processing of personal data of job candidates and existing employees. Check what personal data you can now obtain from candidates and existing employees.

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